Book I: Sky Warriors

Set in the canyon lands of Utah, SKY WARRIORS follows the impact of unsought encounters with UFOs and ETs on the lives of two men and a woman.  Abducted by ETs on his vision quest in 1935 at age seventeen, Native American (Ute) Joe Star struggles to accept their revelation that he is part Star Being.  To his surprise, they teach him to fly a saucer.  When he returns to earth, his ignited love of flight moves him to enlist in the army during WW II, and become a P-47 fighter pilot, where he has to endure the tragic loss of his girl friend, a WASP pilot (Women’s Army Service Pilot).  Brian, a recently widowed businessman pilot, must look far beyond himself to rise to heroic action and learn how to love again.  Sally, her childhood shattered by ET abductions and her recent past scarred by betrayal and divorce, struggles to overcome her fears and distrust to find the strength to love courageously and act boldly.  These three come together to find hope and purpose, culminating in a desperate showdown in the sky, whose outcome will determine whether thousands at the Rose Bowl will live or die.  This tale of flying, UFOs, romance and personal transformation, will appeal to readers who appreciate credible characters in an exciting adventure with a paranormal flavor.