Book II: The General

When Air Force Chief of Staff General Jeremy Carter learns that one of his KC-135 jet tankers has crashed into Pasadena’s nearby Mt. Wilson on New Year’s Day, 2002, he is thrust into a quest that will threaten not only his own life but that of his son Josh, and his ex-wife, whom he still loves.  He is shocked to hear that the jet was positioned for a terrorist strike on the Rose Bowl.  Even more incredible is film footage confirming that before the plane could reach its target, it was forced down by a flying saucer.  The General’s search for answers lands him in a deadly power struggle with the Tony Davis, Director of the National Security Agency, and eventually with the President.

When Carter uncovers the truth about the flying saucer and one of its pilots, former WW II fighter ace, Joe Star, he must relinquish his life long denial of the reality of UFOs.  Gone too is his rationale for ridiculing Josh’s childhood stories of UFO and ET contacts, as well as for denying his own early encounters.  The pace escalates when Davis, bent on obtaining the saucer and its technology from Carter, orders his secret militia to kidnap Josh from a summer camp in the canyon lands of Utah to hold as a hostage.  When that gambit fails to force Carter to divulge what he knows, Davis decides to take out Carter directly.  In the race to rescue his son and save himself, Carter calls on Joe and his saucer to assist him in the final battle with those responsible.  The story concludes with a compelling confrontation in the Oval Office.