Book III: Star Kids Mission

Set in the chaotic times following 9/11, five young adults face a daunting mission to open contact between Earth and Star people.  Led by Ariel, a girl of both Star and human DNA, and Josh, son of General Carter, Air Force Chief of Staff, can they use their natural and learned skills as Star Kids to succeed in spite of attacks from entrenched power brokers?

Ariel is challenged to become the Star People’s Ambassador to Earth.  Raised on a Starship and shocked when at age seventeen she first discovers her human mother, Sally, Ariel struggles with what it means to be a hybrid human.  Human emotions, belonging to a family, falling in love, her first kiss, and learning English, are all part of navigating in a culture unimagined growing up on the Mothership.  Guided by the Star People, Ariel is joined in the mission by four other young adults: for Josh, the mission includes designing and prototyping a practical hydrogen engine to change the nature of energy use on Earth; Jessica’s brash, plucky spirit helps her survive a near fatal rocket attack; Robert’s unfailing sense of humor augments his keen mind and computer skills; Sarah, a sensitive, is adept at remote viewing and psychic perception.  Telepathic from infancy, Ariel must confront her fears for her own safety and that of her friends before she can use her unique talents to survive attacks by corrupt officials of the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and finally by a now aging former member of the Nazi Youth who now holds great power in the petroleum and financial industries in the US.  Pilots will enjoy following Ariel, Josh, and Jessica as they learn to first fly airplanes, then the saucer.  In taking her final step into the Ambassador role, Ariel meets with the new president-elect of the United States at Camp David.  Favorite characters from the first two books in this series, Sky Warriors and The General continue, adding depth to  this story.