Paul A. Hansen, Ph.D.

Getting immersed in stories has long nurtured Paul’s life.  From the time he was 9 years old, he rode his bike over gravel roads from his Kansas farm home to the public library in town, bringing back 2-6 books per week in his bike basket.  Regularly perusing the family’s two sets of encyclopedias further stimulated his already active imagination.  His mother despaired of his imagination ever letting him ‘settle down!’  A 45 year career as minister, management consultant, teacher, and psychotherapist allowed him to hone his writing while crafting sermons, several training manuals, and articles in professional journals, and two non fiction books.  A diverse set of hobbies, including star gazing, fly fishing, camping, and photography help him stay grounded.  Adventures in the jungles of Ecuador and Costa Rica, the pampas of Chile, the cities and countries of Europe, and flights in his plane around the US provide a rich milieu for his stories.  He designed and built the passive solar home he and his wife occupy in Colorado.

From the time Paul first frustrated his parents and teachers by drawing airplanes all over his school books, flying has been a passion, culminating in the building of his own plane (1995-97), a GlaStar, which he still flies.  He took his first flying lesson in a Piper Cub in 1959.  See pictures and more details on pages in this website under “Flying.”    Paul intends for his novels to not only entertain but inspire his readers.  Get ready for an exciting ride!

Two Non-Fiction books stem from his earlier careers.  Creative Stress Management for Law Enforcement and Corrections (1979) and  SURVIVORS AND PARTNERS, Healing the Relationships of Sexual Abuse Survivors.(1991, 2012)  The first, though out of print, may be re-issued at some future date.  The latter, is now available as an e-book  at the three vendors mentioned and as a paperback at Amazon. Look for it.

Photo by Jim Bell