Profiles of Major Characters in the  The Star People series

Joe Star, aka Looks-at-Stars

While on his vision quest in 1935, the repeated sound of the Ute word Yugay (“Welcome, come in”) invites a young Ute Native American to enter a flying saucer which transports him to its mother ship.  There, Joe Star learns that he is a hybrid of ET and human DNA, and is taught to fly a saucer.  Once back on earth, his experience ignites a life long passion for flying, which leads him to enlist in the US Army Air Corps and become a P-47 fighter pilot in World War II.  Long after the war, the ETs provide him a flying saucer to bring home to a secret hangar which he builds in a hidden canyon cave near Blanding, Utah, to use for special missions.

Brian Nelson

In 2001, two years after losing his wife to cancer in McPherson, Kansas, Brian,  also a pilot, begins a spiritual journey that lands him in Utah.  There he encounters Joe, who challenges him to learn to fly the Super Cub, and then the saucer.  It is here that he also discovers new love, Sally.  His adventure culminates when he must use the saucer and his own ingenuity in a desperate race to try to stop a berserk USAF pilot attempting to crash a loaded KC-135 tanker jet into the Rose Bowl on New Year’s day, 2002.  He risks his life to save the lives of thousands.   He succeeds, but is severely injured in the ensuing crash of the saucer.

Sally McNeil

Sally’s multiple ET abductions, which began at age nine, disrupt her adult life in ways that disturb her marriage and eventually lead to divorce.  Years later, she finds new hope and love with Brian, but must finally face the terror of her long-denied childhood ordeal.  Confronted with new traumas when captured by a secret military group determined to get their hands on the saucer after Brian’s crash, she must reach into her depths for the courage to resist them and survive to protect both Brian and Joe.

General Jeremy Carter  In Book II

When General Jeremy Carter, Air Force Chief of Staff, learns on New Year’s Day, 2002,  that an AF jet tanker has crashed into Mt. Wilson near Pasadena, he is thrust into a quest that will threaten not only his own life but that of his son, Josh, and his ex-wife, Amanda, whom he still loves.  He is shocked to hear that the jet was positioned for a strike on the Rose Bowl.  Even more incredible was film footage confirming that before the plane could reach its target,  a flying saucer forced it down.  The General’s search for answers lands him in a deadly power struggle with the malevolent Tony Davis, Director of the National Security Agency, and eventually with the President.  To find the answers, he must relinquish his life long denial of the reality of UFOs, including his own early encounters.


In Book II: The General, Ariel, born and raised on the Mothership, discovers that she is a hybrid of Star and human DNA.  In Book III, Star Kids Mission, she is drawn to be with her newly discovered “mother,”  Sally McNeil.  She struggles with what it means to be of mixed heritage, and even more to determine what her mission will be, both on earth and for the Star People.  She has to learn to handle her human emotions of attraction (Josh Carter), love, and even sexuality.  She brings her own unique abilities of telepathy, remote viewing, photo-reading and intuition to bear on the life threatening challenges she faces with Josh and other Star Kids.

Josh Carter

The geeky adolescent son of General Carter, after years of ridicule from his father for claiming to be abducted by flying saucers and ETs, finally finds acceptance of his unique story.  Then, faced with challenges to identify and implement a special mission from the Star People, he encounters power driven people who repeatedly try to eliminate him…permanently.  To succeed, he must be willing to learn from Ariel and accept a partnership with her in their mission.  He learns to reach out and draw on help from many sources, both to survive and to succeed.  Along the way, Joe teaches him to fly airplanes, and eventually the saucer, as he follows his quest.