Novels: The Star People Series



Set in the canyon lands of Utah, SKY WARRIORS follows the impact of unsought encounters with UFOs and ETs on the lives of two men and a woman.  Abducted by ETs on his vision quest in 1935 at age seventeen, Native American (Ute) Joe Star struggles to accept their revelation that he is part Star Being.  To his surprise, they teach him to fly a saucer.  When he returns to earth, his ignited love of flight moves him to enlist in the army during WW II, and become a P-47 fighter pilot, where he has to endure the tragic loss of his girl friend, a WASP pilot (Women’s Army Service Pilot).  Brian, a recently widowed businessman pilot, must look far beyond himself to rise to heroic action and learn how to love again.  Sally, her childhood shattered by ET abductions and her recent past scarred by betrayal and divorce, struggles to overcome her fears and distrust to find the strength to love courageously and act boldly.  These three come together to find hope and purpose, culminating in a desperate showdown in the sky, whose outcome will determine whether thousands at the Rose Bowl will live or die.  This tale of flying, UFOs, romance and personal transformation, will appeal to readers who appreciate credible characters in an exciting adventure with a paranormal flavor.



When Air Force Chief of Staff General Jeremy Carter learns that one of his KC-135 jet tankers has crashed into Pasadena’s nearby Mt. Wilson on New Year’s Day, 2002, he is thrust into a quest that will threaten not only his own life but that of his son Josh, and his ex-wife, whom he still loves.  He is shocked to hear that the jet was positioned for a terrorist strike on the Rose Bowl.  Even more incredible is film footage confirming that before the plane could reach its target, it was forced down by a flying saucer.  The General’s search for answers lands him in a deadly power struggle with the Tony Davis, Director of the National Security Agency, and eventually with the President.

When Carter uncovers the truth about the flying saucer and one of its pilots, former WW II fighter ace, Joe Star, he must relinquish his life long denial of the reality of UFOs.  Gone too is his rationale for ridiculing Josh’s childhood stories of UFO and ET contacts, as well as for denying his own early encounters.  The pace escalates when Davis, bent on obtaining the saucer and its technology from Carter, orders his secret militia to kidnap Josh from a summer camp in the canyon lands of Utah to hold as a hostage.  When that gambit fails to force Carter to divulge what he knows, Davis decides to take out Carter directly.  In the race to rescue his son and save himself, Carter calls on Joe and his saucer to assist him in the final battle with those responsible.  The story concludes with a compelling confrontation in the Oval Office.



Set in the chaotic times following 9/11, five young adults face a daunting mission to open contact between Earth and Star people.  Led by Ariel, a girl of both Star and human DNA, and Josh, son of General Carter, Air Force Chief of Staff, can they use their natural and learned skills as Star Kids to succeed in spite of attacks from entrenched power brokers?

Ariel is challenged to become the Star People’s Ambassador to Earth.  Raised on a Starship and shocked when at age seventeen she first discovers her human mother, Sally, Ariel struggles with what it means to be a hybrid human.  Human emotions, belonging to a family, falling in love, her first kiss, and learning English, are all part of navigating in a culture unimagined growing up on the Mothership.  Guided by the Star People, Ariel is joined in the mission by four other young adults: for Josh, the mission includes designing and prototyping a practical hydrogen engine to change the nature of energy use on Earth; Jessica’s brash, plucky spirit helps her survive a near fatal rocket attack; Robert’s unfailing sense of humor augments his keen mind and computer skills; Sarah, a sensitive, is adept at remote viewing and psychic perception.  Telepathic from infancy, Ariel must confront her fears for her own safety and that of her friends before she can use her unique talents to survive attacks by corrupt officials of the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and finally by a now aging former member of the Nazi Youth who now holds great power in the petroleum and financial industries in the US.  Pilots will enjoy following Ariel, Josh, and Jessica as they learn to first fly airplanes, then the saucer.  In taking her final step into the Ambassador role, Ariel meets with the new president-elect of the United States at Camp David.  Favorite characters from the first two books in this series, Sky Warriors and The General continue, adding depth to  this story.



Named Ariel on the Mothership where she was born a hybrid of human and Star People DNA, a courageous young woman naively accepted the Council’s challenge to become their ambassador to Earth and specifically to the United States. Representing the Star People is less a problem than navigating Terra’s culture, where as a female she is considered less capable than men, and even more so because of her mixed race and youth. That her native inborn telepathic skills give her an inside view of the attitudes and thoughts of those she faces only increases her challenges. Some see her as a threat and others want to use her and her flying saucer for their own purposes.

After surviving previous adventures of being kidnapped (Star Kids Mission, 2012) and her life threatened, she is once again at risk. With General Jeremy Carter, Air Force Chief of Staff, she manages to face an aging Star Wars weapons satellite now threatening the US with nukes in a tense battle in space. That take down angers the rogue Army general controlling it and makes her the target of his assassin at a Gala at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Teaching the President telepathy, learning what it means to fall in love and have sexual feelings all push her limits.  Even with a female body guard from the Star Ship, she barely manages to stay one step ahead of her attacker.  All seems lost when she and George are captured by the megalomaniac.